7 tips for avoiding contractor scams after a hurricane

In the wake of a hurricane or even a tropical storm you’ll see a lot of contractors offering to help with repairs. Some are very reputable, some…not so much so. How do you avoid being scammed?

BluSky offers the following advice:

  • Be suspicious of any high pressure contractor who tries to rush you to make decisions, particularly if the repairs are not an emergency or the work is temporary
  • Ask for references; an ethical contractor will be happy to provide them
  • Do not deal with a contractor who asks you to pay for the entire job upfront
  • Immediately dismiss any contractor who claims to be backed by FEMA – they do not endorse individual contractors
  • Look for the business name and phone number on the vehicle of anyone who approaches you about repairs
  • Ask to see the contractor’s driver’s license – write down the license number and the license plate number of their vehicle
  • Never allow a contractor to discourage you from contacting your insurance company; you should contact your insurance company immediately

If you ever experience flood or storm damage, BluSky is here for you with 24/7 emergency response. Integrity is #1 in our mission statement and we encourage you to check our references.

Call us any time at 800-277-4787 any time you need our help.

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