About BluSky

BluSky provides commercial, industrial, governmental, residential, and multifamily restorationrenovationenvironmental, and roofing services across the United States and Puerto Rico. With an emphasis on large projects, we don’t build things; we restore and rebuild them. Our engaged employees bring experience and teamwork to anyone who owns or manages property, provides property insurance, or manages property insurance claims.


We pledge to create an exceptional BluSky customer experience through our actions, teamwork, and genuine caring for the customers’ personal needs.


Our employees are the most important resource in our commitment to serve our customers. We support each other and share an extraordinary bond of loyalty and teamwork. We are a culture of family.

Core Values

Excellence • Teamwork • Innovation • Empathy • Integrity • Passion • Fun

Service Commitments


  • I care for our customers and I do what I say I am going to do.
  • I acknowledge each customer with a smile, make eye contact, and offer a genuine personal greeting.
  • I always present myself in a professional manner in my appearance and behavior.
  • I anticipate customer needs and I am free to be innovative to create a superior customer experience.
  • I understand I am working in my customer’s home or business and will conduct myself with great discretion, creating the least disruption possible.


  • I consistently keep my customers updated on their projects.
  • I discuss and manage expectations with my teammates and my customers.
  • I meet my deadlines because timely completion of our work is critical.
  • I own all customer issues and seek to resolve them myself or with my teammates.


  • I am a great teammate and inspire others to deliver excellent customer service.
  • I create an environment of teamwork to serve our customers in an exceptional way.


  • I create a safe and accident-free environment.
  • I am empowered to stop and resolve unsafe working conditions immediately.

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BluSky First Aid Disaster Response Plan Logo

Stay ahead of disaster! Our First Aid Disaster Response Plan offers immediate assistance and priority response in the event of disaster. Recover faster and minimize your losses with First Aid.