At BluSky, we strongly believe that to be truly successful, we should share time and resources with the communities in which we work. That belief led us to endow the BluSky Charitable fund in 2010.

Since then, we have supported Children’s Hospital Colorado, United Way and the United Way Tocqueville Society, Habitat for Humanity, Ducks Unlimited, and a whole host of women’s, children’s, and industry-related philanthropic causes.

We feel our company is a genuine steward of the community and we value the importance of giving back. The Denver Business Journal recognized our philanthropic efforts in 2013 when we were named a top Partner in Philanthropy for small to mid-sized businesses.

Clays for Kids

Clays for Kids is our signature community service event that benefits children’s charities. It is a sporting clay tournament, set up much like a golf tournament only with shotguns and clay targets. Each year, we select a new charity as our beneficiary. Our first six years we raised $20,000 each year. The next five years we raised $50,000 each year, and this year, our tournaments raised $85,000. In all, we have raised more than $400,000 for children all over the United States.

This year, BluSky is partnering with The Adoption Exchange who will be the recipient of this year’s proceeds. For more than 30 years, the Aurora, Colo.-based non-profit has been connecting kids waiting in the U.S. foster care system to loving families who adopt. Research shows that children who are adopted do significantly better than those who are not: 110 percent are more likely to attend college, 25 percent have fewer visits to hospitals or the ER, 19 percent have fewer pregnancies, 54 percent are less likely to be arrested, and 47 percent are less likely to experience homelessness. The lifetime societal cost for every kid that ages out of foster care is $300,000. Since its founding, The Adoption Exchange has helped place more than 8,500 kids into loving homes, saving society more than $2.5 billion.

As part of our partnership with The Adoption Exchange, we are pleased to also announce that BluSky will share sponsorship with Wendy’s of  Wednesday’s Child, on CBS4 Denver, from June – December 2017. We encourage you to tune in!

Our event wouldn’t be possible without the numerous engineering, dry cleaning, property management, adjusting, attorney, accounting, and electronics firms who offer their sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring or participating, please contact us and we will share the details of an upcoming event.

This year’s Denver event will be held Sept. 22, 2017 at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club. Click here for sponsorship and ticket information.


We are proud that we can reduce our carbon footprint while simultaneously reducing costs. Every load of debris that we can keep out of the landfill saves our company and our customer money.

For several years, we have worked with Ecoprojex, the largest appliance recycler in Colorado, to help us with our recycling efforts. This has paid off by keeping several thousand tons of debris out of the landfill. On one multi-million dollar project, we were able to recycle or donate 36 refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and stoves. In addition, we were able to recycle much of the damaged copper, HVAC, and plumbing components as well.


Stay ahead of disaster! Our First Aid Disaster Response Plan offers immediate assistance and priority response in the event of disaster. Recover faster and minimize your losses with First Aid.