Asbestos Abatement

The heat resistance and insulating properties of the naturally occurring mineral asbestos have made it an excellent addition to construction materials of all sorts over the years. But when the materials become worn or damaged, the fibers become friable and airborne, creating a serious hazard to public health.

Regardless of the year of construction, all structures that have the potential of asbestos-containing building materials must be tested before demolition or renovation, even after a disaster when time is of the essence. When tests come back positive, we can provide the asbestos abatement services to ensure the material is taken care of safely according to standards established by the EPA, OSHA, and state health departments.

Even if your building is in good shape, from a risk management perspective, having us proactively inspect your building and test for asbestos may save you in the long run.

For more information on the services BluSky can provide for asbestos removal, please call us today at 800.266.5677 or send us an email.

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