Emergency Kit: What to Include

Severe weather can make it necessary to evacuate to a safe location with little notice. It is a good idea to build and maintain an Emergency Kit that can be easily located in the event of a power [...]

Newest version of First Aid Disaster Response Plan software now available

BluSky Restoration Contractors, LLC is pleased to announce a major update to our First Aid Disaster Response Plan software. We work regularly with property  and facilities management clients who [...]

16 fire prevention tips for home and work

October 8-14, 2017 is National Fire Prevention Week. Now’s the time to take steps to prevent fires and to protect yourself if a fire does occur. Whether in a place of business or at home, you [...]

7 tips for avoiding contractor scams after a hurricane

How do you avoid being scammed by an unscrupulous contractor if you've had hurricane damage? BluSky offers the following advice.

Change your smoke detector batteries when you “Spring Forward” or “Fall Back”

It’s a good habit to form. If you use battery-powered smoke detectors in your home or business, change the batteries each spring and fall as you turn your clocks forward or back when [...]

Frozen Pipes: How to Avoid a Disaster

Want to join the nearly half million American homes and businesses that suffer water damage from frozen pipes? Want the expense of dealing with flooding, structural damage, and possibly even [...]

Weeks After A Hurricane…Mold Can Move In

Most people know of the dangers floods and hurricanes pose to homes and businesses. What the forget is that mold can move in.

Staying Safe From Mold In Your Florida Home

Having a Florida home, including Coastal-area cities like Tampa, make you more susceptible to mold.

Should I Hire a Disaster Restoration Company?

Has a fire, water, storm, mold or smoke damage event occurred at your home or business? Because these events are rare and extremely stressful, most people don’t know what the next steps are [...]

How to Protect Your Home Against Flooding

Flood Damage Preparedness & Avoidance There are very few places in the country that are immune to the dangers of flooding which means a disaster can strike anywhere. Flooding is the most [...]

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