Ron Johnson

As the branch manager of the Greensboro, NC office, Ron Johnson leads a team of 35 employees assisting a large number of client needs. He is responsible for the growth and development of the [...]

Steve Brown

As National Director of Restoration, Steve Brown is responsible for equipping, educating, training, coaching, motivating and assisting all BluSky employees and locations to excel in the field of [...]

Jon Easley

Jon Easley is responsible for the management of the 8 BluSky locations throughout the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia. He’s involved in the training and mentoring of our managers in order to [...]

Blind Spots

By Dan Flanagan, CSO My first recollection of the term, “Blind Spot,” was at 14 years-old on a sunny, summer morning in the middle of central Iowa. Taking the driver’s seat of Horizon Hatchback [...]