Biohazard Cleanup

Situations requiring the clean up of biohazardous materials are often sensitive in nature and require the utmost professionalism and safety considerations.

BluSky teams have the experience and expertise to handle and clean up environmental and biological hazards, including staph, norovirus, lead-based paint, bodily fluids, crime scenes, and methamphetamine contamination. Our certified environmental specialists have the training to offer consultation on the most effective cleanup approaches, as well as safely remove contaminants to make rooms or buildings again safe to occupy.

Lead-Based Paint

We have Certified Lead Remediators on staff who can test for and remediate lead-based paint. Since 2010, contractors providing renovation, repair, and painting (RRP) activities that could disturb lead-based paint in residential buildings built before 1978 must be Lead-Safe Certified. BluSky remediators meet those qualifications.

For more information on the biohazard and lead-based paint cleanup capabilities of BluSky, please call us today at 800.266.5677 or send us an email.

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