Calm Before The Storm

The latest storm to form in the Atlantic Basin was 8-29-1977 which became a CAT 5 storm to hit Texas. We are prepared to take our expertise in Restoration to the storm damage when it arrives. A minimal storm can cause major problems depending on forward speed and rainfall amounts. It generally takes wind speed of at least 105 mph to cause roof damage of any significance. I rode out tropical storm Ophelia a few years back and was amazed at the 65 mph wind that lasted around 7 hrs. Blockade Runner at Wrightsville allowed me to stay. I have been storm chasing since 1995 when hurricane Opal hit Pensacola Beach and brought damage all the way over to Panama City Fla. So just because it is quiet now and forecasters are lowering expectations be aware it only takes one Cat 4 or 5 to make this a memorable season. With all the companies involved in storm chasing if you have the need to use their services check their track record and know who you are dealing with. Here at D-1 we pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time we are the Calm After The Storm.