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Mold is a natural part of our environment and serves a useful purpose outdoors. But indoors, if mold spores land on wet or damp surfaces and start to grow there is great potential for building damage and health problems.

Poorly ventilated bathrooms, basements, and damp crawlspaces are some of the most common areas where mold can appear. Wherever it happens, it’s important to not only treat the symptom (clean up the mold) but to also:

  • dry any water damaged areas
  • identify and correct the moisture problem
  • prevent it from returning

BluSky’s experienced, licensed and certified mold remediation team will remove unwanted water/moisture and perform mold removal and remediation according to EPA and IICRC recommended guidelines.

BluSky is a mold removal, cleanup, and damage repair company that services Charlotte, Concord, Fort Mill, Hickory, Shelby, Gastonia, Chester, Lancaster, and more. Call this BluSky office for mold remediation for your Charlotte area home or commercial property.

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Every one of your crew members was wonderful to have in my home. They all do great work and I would have them back anytime!

Richard S.
Mooresville, NC