Chips for Children Raised $119,000 for

the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro

Chips for Children raised $119,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro

In 2020, Chips for Children pivoted from an in-person event to an online fundraising campaign. We’re thrilled to say we raised $119,000 for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro!

There’s no limit to what a community can achieve when they unite in support of a worthy ideal. We wish to thank everyone who supported Chips for Children and we look forward to doing it again in 2021.

Every dollar you gave directly impacts outcomes

Boys & Girls Clubs Outcomes$25,000 allows club to serve 3 children in summer camp 2021 program (post COVID)

  • Includes ability to attend quality programming that is rich in academic opportunity, leadership development, and the arts
  • Includes all field trips throughout summer camp (typically two each week)
  • Includes breakfast and lunch each day

$15,000 provides Spring 2021 basketball program for 50 members

  • Includes 3 sessions/week after club hours practices for season
  • Includes meals for members for weekend games and practices
  • Includes opportunity for members to play in annual Hoops Council Tournament

$10,000 provides four weeks of Teen Center OR Reynolds programs in COVID environment

  • Includes virtual learning for members not attending GCS
  • Includes strong focus on bridging impending achievement gap
  • Includes two meals each day
  • Includes career development program for high schoolers
  • Includes incorporation of BGC evidenced programs (emotional resiliency, project learn, healthy habits)

$5,000 provides 50 hours of emotional resiliency training for 50 club members

  • Provides age appropriate conversation surrounding coping skills and mental health in pandemic, racial justice, and creating positive change in community
  • Staff members are trained by Boys and Girls Club of America
  • Strong focus on individual mentoring of each club member

$2,500 provides 50 hours of leadership training to 25 middle school students at the club

  • Provides opportunity for youth led service projects and community service
  • High school students have opportunity to become JR staff and gain real world work experience
  • Youth have opportunity to participate in youth of the year competition

$1,000 provides 20 hours of virtual learning space to 50 members while schools are out

  • Clubs provide access to technology so that schoolwork can be completed
  • Club staff provide assistance to members completing virtual learning
  • Strong focus on bridging impending achievement gap

$500 provides COVID enhanced safety measures at Reynolds Unit facility for one week

  • Includes PPE for members and staff (gloves, masks)
  • Includes nightly deep cleaning
  • Includes hospital grade misting disinfection of program areas twice daily


Rising to the challenges

Chips for Children supports the Boys & Girls Clubs of GreensboroThe Boys and Girls Clubs have risen to the unique challenges associated with the COVID crisis. They are engaging with Greensboro’s youth virtually and they’ve opened their club doors to members according to state and CDC guidelines. As the school year began with remote learning for at least the first nine weeks, they are offering their clubs as remote learning space for parents who are working, and continue their club programs in the afternoon.

To meet the most pressing needs of club youth, their programs will intentionally hone in on emotional resiliency and on bridging the impending achievement gap. They’ll also ensure that each child has two meals each day at the club. Children who attend the club do so at a subsidized cost. Now more than ever, as families are struggling  with the effects of the pandemic the Boys and Girls Club must rise to the challenges to meet the needs of Greensboro’s youth.

Funds raised from Chips for Children support local programs of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro. BluSky is wholeheartedly committed to their mission.

Making Our Communities Better

Thanks to our family of sponsors!

Creator Sponsors:

BluSky Restoration Contractors

Ambassador Sponsors:

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

Hero Sponsors:

Glaser Family Charitable Foundation, Luke John Schamberger Foundation, Susie & Ras Fenger, Tom & Claire Sullivan

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Triad Financial Advisors

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Bill & Cathy Burling, Blue Ridge Companies, Carolina Eye Associates, Hawthorne Residential Partners, Kent & Elizabeth Stemper Charitable Fund, PNC Bank

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Brian Sowers, Brown Investment Properties, Carruthers & Roth, P.A., Dupont Kirven, Durant Bell, Gayle Koonce, Hugh & MaryLou Williams, Krupa Family Foundation, Mike Diamond, Neil Koonce, Phillips Madison, Robert Rodman

Friend Sponsors:

Blake Jennings, David Leppert, Donna Perkins, Keeley & J.T. Jobe, Lisa Simpson, Scott & Cindy McCauley Hummel

You put a lot of hard work into it and it paid off with a great benefit to the Boys & Girls Clubs.

~Tom Sullivan, Council Chair

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro

I have been in awe of how tirelessly all the BluSky staff worked for this event.  While our members may not see you every day, their lives are enriched and sometimes even changed, because of your work.

~Grace Thompson, Executive Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greensboro

An outstanding effort by so many that will allow kids to continue to grow and become successful through the clubs and staff. Thank you so much!

~Brian S.

The event was remarkable. Our thanks to you, your organization, and everyone involved.

~Doug Shelton, Director of Operations

The Salvation Army