Equipment and Contents Restoration

Building devastation from fire, water, and other disasters can also damage personal contents and equipment. For commercial properties, this can lead to critical downtime and loss of business income.

Our restoration experts will evaluate affected items and equipment and make recommendations as to their recoverability, helping you to make the right financial decisions. Should you restore it or replace it? There are many variables that affect those decisions, and we can coordinate with property owners and insurance companies as decisions are made.

BluSky works with its partners to:

  • Inventory all items inside a building
  • Clean and deodorize soft and hard goods
  • Clean and re-commission electronics and machinery
  • Recover data from hard drives, main frames, microfiche, and more
  • Process and salvage documents
  • Relocate and store the items until the building is ready to re-occupy
  • Return the items to the building to their appropriate place

Our contents restoration expertise also extends to computer files, electronics, leather goods, antiques, artwork, and other intricate items.

To learn more about equipment and contents restoration services from BluSky, call us today at 888.88.BLUSKY (888.882.5875) or send us an email.

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