How Mike recovered from a home fire – a customer testimonial

We received the following letter from one of our customers today. Experiencing a fire in your home can be devastating but it can be overcome. Here is Mike’s story.

On November 9, 2012, I had a fire at my apartment. Something I thought would never happen to me so when it did, I was like a lost puppy. After the fire was out and my belongings were ruined and I did not know what to do, I spoke with Steven Pinter from BluSky. He was attentive to my needs – he had been here before. He helped walk me through what his company could do for me.

They were on it quick. He and his crew, Paul Whipple, April Miller and carpenters removed water and rugs. They packed up some 30 boxes of what I had left. Not one thing was broken when they moved it to my new apartment. Paul Whipple supervised the move, April Miller took pictures and recorded everything.

I also had car problems that day (was a tough 48 hours). Steven even offered to drive me to take care of banking, insurance, and just personal things that had to be done. I doubt that’s in his job description.

His carpenters patched the hole in my apartment and the crew brought in machines to dry up the water. Paul barked the orders (in a professional way) and April recorded it all. They kept things moving; they are a great team. When you get help like this, when your life just turned into a train wreck, it’s very humbling to see real humanity in action.

Steven Pinter and the BluSky team are the ones to hire. If I needed to contact Steven or Paul and April they answered or returned my calls promptly. They kept everything going smoothly – the trucks, equipment, and carpenters – all the stuff you don’t want to deal with when stuff like this happens.

Note for BluSky Management:
I run my own small house painting business, so I know how hard it is to hire people that care about your reputation, showing for work each day, and on time working hard even when you’re having a bad day. These are actions that prove to your customers you really do care, running a job site like you’re the best. Employees like this aren’t easy to find. Even though I never get used to it, I have fired many people who show up for a check, not expanding my company. Steven Pinter, Paul Whipple, and April Miller are first class employees!

Thanks for everything,

Mike M.
Greensboro, NC

Mike, we’re glad things are getting back to normal for you. Thanks for the kind words; we’re proud of our team!

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Do you have a fire story?