Letter from a very happy customer

We’re proud of the work our BluSky team in Raleigh does, but it means the world to us when we hear from a customer who feels the same way. Ras Fenger, our company president, received the following handwritten letter earlier this month:

“Dear Ras,

Finally I get around to writing to you, personally, in cursive, to be sure that you read this letter.

In January, BluSky began work on my sister’s condo in Raleigh with Blaine Summerlin supervising the job. The condo was filthy, full of trash and garbage – a real disaster. All this junk, when removed, filled more than two dumpsters. Most of the items in the kitchen and bathroom had to be replaced. The only salvageable item was the bathtub.

After the cleanup, Blaine supervised replacing the flooring, carpet, bathroom fixtures, kitchen countertops, sink and painting of cabinets. All doors were replaced. The front door, storm door and outdoor lighting were replaced. The water heater and insulation were also replaced.

I may have forgotten a few items, but I have not forgotten the wonderful job that was done. It was so helpful to me because I could not see how I could ever accomplish the cleanup and refurbishing of the condo, which had to be sold to pay for nursing home expenses. Good news – the condo was sold two weeks after the work was completed!

In closing I want to compliment you on BluSky and the work that it does. Also Blaine Summerlin deserves praise for the work that he does. He has excellent supervision and organizational skills. He is competent and conscientious. I also appreciate his flexibility when ideas changed. He is a great representative of your company. I am recommending BluSky at every opportunity.

Thank you for a great job!”