My BluSky Story – From Sandy

As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, we’ve invited our clients to share a memorable BluSky story with us. The following story is from Sandy, an insurance agent.

“One of my insureds had a water claim and their insurance carrier assigned a disaster company to take care of her. The disaster company had so many claims that they could not give her the proper attention she needed. They had started the process of cutting the walls out, taking baseboards up, and setting up fans to dry her out. Then they just left her there for weeks, always promising to come back and send a crew to start packing her out. They never came. The carrier fired this disaster company.

I started calling to try and find another disaster company to take over where this company left off. I was turned down by other companies; they did not want to get into a messy situation, trying to figure out what the other company had done.

I called Ron Johnson in BluSky’s Greensboro office and he said, “Sure we will help.”

He sent someone over that day to inspect the damage and to scope out what needed to be done.  After that was done they went into action packing out my insured, helping her get moved out, and being there when they said they would be there. Ron and his crew saved the day for my insured; they took on a job when no one else wanted to touch it.  They kept me advised on their progress and when I would be able to get my insured back into her home.

No job is too tough for BluSky.”

Thank you, Sandy, for your kind words and for choosing BluSky to serve your insured.

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