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Customer satisfaction is the staple of our business, and 96 percent of our customers would hire us again. We appreciate their faith in us to Make It Right, no matter what kind of disaster or loss they experienced, and we are proud to share testimonials and experiences from our customers around the country.

We are a small, 38-unit condominium development located on the North Carolina coast. After Hurricane Florence impacted us in September 2018 our insurance adjuster suggested that we consider contacting BluSky to assist with our restoration efforts. The amount of damage we incurred turned out to be far more extensive than we initially realized. Our homeowners association is managed by a five-person board of volunteers elected by the group of 38 owners. We were facing what seemed to be an insurmountable task. It turned out that the same day the adjuster recommended that we consider BluSky, one of our owners was driving by the Doubletree in Atlantic Beach, a few miles away, and saw a BluSky sign and some company vehicles. They stopped and had the incredibly good fortune of meeting Steve O’Neill. Shortly after that I also met Mr. O’Neill and we discussed having BluSky provide the necessary services to address the hurricane damage. Mr. O’Neill very patiently and professionally described the approach that would be used and explained BluSky’s abilities to provide a turnkey solution from mitigation to restoration. The small group who met with him was very impressed and recommended to the board of directors that we enter into an agreement with BluSky to provide mitigation services. Mr. O’Neill continued his exceptional communication throughout the project. The onsite supervisor named Drew was very good and well-organized as he methodically went through each unit with his crews and removed the damaged materials. The care with which they worked was very impressive. They went to great effort to protect the units from further damage and treated the furnishing with care. They worked in concert with the industrial hygienist that we engaged, Hillman Consulting. As the mitigation work progressed Mr. O’Neill introduced us to the BluSky personnel that are involved with roofing services and building repairs. One of the things that impressed me most about Steve is that he owned the project and valued us as a customer, even though we may be smaller than your typical customer. Even though mitigation has been completed he continues to periodically check on how things are going with the services provided by BluSky. When we began the mitigation process there was a great deal of uncertainty about how it would be done and what it would look like. Mr. O’Neill explained all of that and eased all of the board’s concerns about what seemed like an overwhelming task. Steve responded to every email, text or phone call very quickly. His attention to customer service is excellent and a rarity in today’s world. I would never hesitate to recommend Steve and BluSky to anyone in need of mitigation service following a hurricane or other unfortunate situation. It was a tremendous relief to the board and me as chairman of the board to know that someone of such a high caliber was handling our mitigation. Mr. Stemper, I cannot thank Steve enough for the great service he provided at a very critical time. I am a retired engineer and worked in the construction industry for 40+ years and know that people of his talent and character are rare. Thanks again to Steve and BluSky for providing excellent service during mitigation.

Glen W.

I would like to thank Aaron Gregory for his reliable leadership and customer service in representing BluSky. In responding to our emergency remediation, he quickly and professionally took care of the water damage to minimize any mold and tried to minimize the disruption to our condo. He removed wet areas with as little damage to our property as possible. Aaron had all the proper tools at his disposal to remove the sheetrock, flooring, and moulding, which enabled him to dry with fans and dehumidifiers the damaged areas as quickly as possible. He was honest in his assessment of the problems and made us feel assured that we had chosen the right company to do our work. Thank you for sending such a sweet, kind, honest and positive employee to help us through this very difficult time.

John and Joanne Luce

I am writing to relay my gratitude to BluSky for being my “go-to” contractor for emergency property issues, especially in light of this past year’s fire sprinkler head burst at The Regency Student Housing Community in Denver, CO. Four floors of our building were flooded due to a resident accidentally breaking a sprinkler, and BluSky quickly responded to our call and assisted with the demo and remodel caused by the damage. Upon arrival, the BluSky team began working immediately to solve this unexpected crisis. Due to this building being student housing, it is critical to our business that we keep our operation going as seamlessly as possible for our residents. BluSky’s employees and contractors had superb customer service throughout the entirety of our time working together. Without the help of BluSky and their hardworking team, we could not have done this. BluSky’s professionalism, along with their schedule flexibility to accommodate us in a time of need, really stood out to our business compared to prior companies we have used. BluSky worked quickly and efficiently to stop the flooding and restored the building back to its condition within a few days after our call.

Isaiah Salazar
CTA background

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