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Customer satisfaction is the staple of our business, and 96 percent of our customers would hire us again. We appreciate their faith in us to Make It Right, no matter what kind of disaster or loss they experienced, and we are proud to share testimonials and experiences from our customers around the country.

Over the Memorial Day holiday, my family and I experienced a very traumatic event when our kitchen caught on fire. My wife and I were very devastated, and had no clue where to begin to clean up all the debris left from the fire. We called our insurance company, who suggested we call a few companies to come out and give us an estimate to fix all the damages from the fire. When you are in a state of shock, it is difficult to bring realization of correct thought processes back to you mind. I called you. I applaud your company from the time the first call was made to closure. We experienced nothing but generosity, support, caring, compassion, friendliness, and knowledge. Your team was amazing. They came in to clean up the debris from the fire extinguisher that covered the entire house, which allowed us to stay in the house. They were right there to answer questions, and very easy to work with during this experience. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your team, and what they did for my family and me during this time. Angie came out on that Sunday to assess the situation. She was calm and reassuring. We appreciated her friendliness, and great knowledge. Daniel was more than helpful with my questions. He was friendly, and very understanding of our situation. I just wanted to acknowledge Daniel & Angela for doing a fantastic job.


I would be remiss if I did not take the time to express my praise of the way Janice handled my kitchen project. When we first met, I knew I was dealing with a very knowledgeable, competent and caring person. I could not have asked for anyone who could have done a better job. There was never a time that I contacted her as to a worry or concern of mine that she did not respond quickly. She was always able, through her experience and expertise, put my mind at ease. And, this was always done with patience and truly caring about my level of stress. Having never gone through a situation like this before, her understanding was greatly appreciated. Being a business owner myself, I am well aware of the importance of how an employee represents my firm — the impression they leave with the customer/client defines the values and reputation that we stand for. And, in this regard, I have to say how very fortunate you are in having someone of Janice’s caliber representing you!

Patricia M.

One of my insureds had a water claim and their insurance carrier assigned a disaster company to take care of her. The disaster company had so many claims that they could not give her the proper attention she needed. They had started the process of cutting the walls out, taking baseboards up, and setting up fans to dry her out. Then they just left her there for weeks, always promising to come back and send a crew to start packing her out. They never came. The carrier fired this disaster company. I started calling to try and find another disaster company to take over where this company left off. I was turned down by other companies; they did not want to get into a messy situation, trying to figure out what the other company had done. I called Ron Johnson in your Greensboro office and he said, “Sure we will help.” He sent someone over that day to inspect the damage and to scope out what needed to be done.  After that was done they went into action packing out my insured, helping her get moved out, and being there when they said they would be there. Ron and his crew saved the day for my insured; they took on a job when no one else wanted to touch it.  They kept me advised on their progress and when I would be able to get my insured back into her home.

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