Possible East Coast Storm

TD 2 is struggling to hold on to depression strength and could fall back to tropical wave as it continues to encounter the dry air created by saharan dust storm still lingering over the area needed for development. The depression behind it looks more impressive and some forecasters say it will become a hurricane and pose a threat to the east coast in 10 to 12 days. I beleive this storm will be our first unless the one in carribean beats it to the list.Things should get interesting over the next 4 weeks.Here at D1 we continue to monitor the storms and will make our decisions on deployment as soon as the data warrants the call. If you live along the east coast you are use to the drill just don’t become complacent remember property can be rebuilt lives are irreplaceable.Early preparation will take a lot of the stress out of storm issues and don’t forget those pets as not everyone prepares for their evacuation until it becomes a decision no one wants to make.