Natural disasters of any size and scope can cause damage to roofing materials – fire, hail, wind, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, and even the weight of snow are all culprits and require the response of large-scale roofing project experts like BluSky.

If you contact us immediately after the damage has occurred, the first thing we’ll do is prevent further damage to the building or buildings by providing emergency shoring and tarping. Our roofing specialists are trained damage assessment appraisers. They are experts at damage assessment techniques and provide accurate appraisals. We utilize a cost-plus bidding model to give our clients a thorough and competitive roofing design and proposal.

To move forward with repair or replacement, we will work with insurers and property owners and managers following generally accepted industry guidelines.

Our roofing division’s specialties include:

  • Wind and hail damage identification
  • Multifamily and commercial roofing repair and replacement of pitched, low-slope, and flat roofs
  • Consulting and appraisals
  • Training in roof assessment and damage identification

To learn more about the roofing capabilities of BluSky, call us today at 888.88.BLUSKY (888.882.5875) or send us an email.


Stay ahead of disaster! Our First Aid Disaster Response Plan offers immediate assistance and priority response in the event of disaster. Recover faster and minimize your losses with First Aid.