Kelley Brown

For more than 15 years, Kelley has been engaged in the new construction, remodeling and restoration industry in the Southeast region. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in General Business [...]

Dave Brewer

Dave has been actively engaged in the construction industry for nearly two decades. He began his career at one of the larger general contractor firms in the San Francisco Bay Area immediately [...]

Jon Easley

Jon Easley is responsible for the management of the 8 BluSky locations throughout the Carolinas, Florida and Virginia. He’s involved in the training and mentoring of our managers in order to [...]

Kevin Jonell

As Human Resources Director, Kevin is responsible for the overall strategy and operations of human resources, supporting the growth of the company through creating a great place to work, and [...]

Mike Erekson

Mike is responsible for all BluSky construction operations and activities, including corporate and individual office oversight. He is also responsible for safety compliance across all functions [...]

Troy Berns

Troy has more than 18 years of experience as a sales and business development professional helping companies of all sizes grow strategically in the business-to-business and healthcare service [...]

Jason Cain

Jason, who is the longest acting Vice President with BluSky, opened the company’s first branch office in Colorado Springs in 2009. Through the service and development of a loyal customer base and [...]

Lance Allen

As Chief Financial Officer, Lance is responsible for BluSky’s accounting function, including banking relationships and financial reporting. He joined the business in 2017 and is a key member of [...]

Drew Bisping

As the Chief Operating Officer, Drew is responsible for BluSky business operations, including all services and locations. He is also a key member of the BluSky senior management team and a [...]

Dan Flanagan

As an owner and CSO for BluSky, Dan leads the company’s sales and business development initiatives. He has been with BluSky since 2007, and is currently a part of the Senior Leadership Team. Dan [...]

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