Phillip HammettVice President of Commercial Roofing

    Phillip has been involved in the Commercial Roofing Industry for more than 10 years.  Phillip has a high level of expertise in all facets of the Roofing Industry and has a passion for providing the best service possible.  His professional knowledge and passion has earned him a reputation as an industry expert.  Phillip has been successful in developing and managing business relations that allows for a unique and positive partnership.  His clients have come to trust and rely on him for honest information in regard to their roofing needs.  Phillip’s clients know that he has their best interests at heart and will lead them down the path of covering their roof appropriately.  Phillip’s professional knowledge has been gained through his continuous drive to understand every aspect of Commercial Roofing to provide thorough and reasonable options for his clients.

    Kevin Jonell BluSky Human Resources Director