Customer satisfaction is the staple of our business, and 96 percent of our customers would hire us again. We appreciate their faith in us to Make It Right, no matter what kind of disaster or loss they experienced, and we are proud to share testimonials and experiences from our customers around the country.

  • I am writing to relay my gratitude to BluSky for being my “go-to” contractor for emergency property issues, especially in light of this past year’s fire sprinkler head burst at The Regency Student Housing Community in Denver, CO. Four floors of our building were flooded due to a resident accidentally breaking a sprinkler, and BluSky quickly responded to our call and assisted with the demo and remodel caused by the damage. Upon arrival, the BluSky team began working immediately to solve this unexpected crisis. Due to this building being student housing, it is critical to our business that we keep our operation going as seamlessly as possible for our residents. BluSky’s employees and contractors had superb customer service throughout the entirety of our time working together. Without the help of BluSky and their hardworking team, we could not have done this. BluSky’s professionalism, along with their schedule flexibility to accommodate us in a time of need, really stood out to our business compared to prior companies we have used. BluSky worked quickly and efficiently to stop the flooding and restored the building back to its condition within a few days after our call.
    Isaiah Salazar Central Street Capital, Inc.
  • I would like to thank Aaron Gregory for his reliable leadership and customer service in representing BluSky. In responding to our emergency remediation, he quickly and professionally took care of the water damage to minimize any mold and tried to minimize the disruption to our condo. He removed wet areas with as little damage to our property as possible. Aaron had all the proper tools at his disposal to remove the sheetrock, flooring, and moulding, which enabled him to dry with fans and dehumidifiers the damaged areas as quickly as possible. He was honest in his assessment of the problems and made us feel assured that we had chosen the right company to do our work. Thank you for sending such a sweet, kind, honest and positive employee to help us through this very difficult time.

    John and Joanne Luce
  • We are a small, 38-unit condominium development located on the North Carolina coast. After Hurricane Florence impacted us in September 2018 our insurance adjuster suggested that we consider contacting BluSky to assist with our restoration efforts. The amount of damage we incurred turned out to be far more extensive than we initially realized. Our homeowners association is managed by a five-person board of volunteers elected by the group of 38 owners. We were facing what seemed to be an insurmountable task. It turned out that the same day the adjuster recommended that we consider BluSky, one of our owners was driving by the Doubletree in Atlantic Beach, a few miles away, and saw a BluSky sign and some company vehicles. They stopped and had the incredibly good fortune of meeting Steve O'Neill. Shortly after that I also met Mr. O'Neill and we discussed having BluSky provide the necessary services to address the hurricane damage. Mr. O'Neill very patiently and professionally described the approach that would be used and explained BluSky's abilities to provide a turnkey solution from mitigation to restoration. The small group who met with him was very impressed and recommended to the board of directors that we enter into an agreement with BluSky to provide mitigation services. Mr. O'Neill continued his exceptional communication throughout the project. The onsite supervisor named Drew was very good and well-organized as he methodically went through each unit with his crews and removed the damaged materials. The care with which they worked was very impressive. They went to great effort to protect the units from further damage and treated the furnishing with care. They worked in concert with the industrial hygienist that we engaged, Hillman Consulting. As the mitigation work progressed Mr. O'Neill introduced us to the BluSky personnel that are involved with roofing services and building repairs. One of the things that impressed me most about Steve is that he owned the project and valued us as a customer, even though we may be smaller than your typical customer. Even though mitigation has been completed he continues to periodically check on how things are going with the services provided by BluSky. When we began the mitigation process there was a great deal of uncertainty about how it would be done and what it would look like. Mr. O'Neill explained all of that and eased all of the board's concerns about what seemed like an overwhelming task. Steve responded to every email, text or phone call very quickly. His attention to customer service is excellent and a rarity in today's world. I would never hesitate to recommend Steve and BluSky to anyone in need of mitigation service following a hurricane or other unfortunate situation. It was a tremendous relief to the board and me as chairman of the board to know that someone of such a high caliber was handling our mitigation. Mr. Stemper, I cannot thank Steve enough for the great service he provided at a very critical time. I am a retired engineer and worked in the construction industry for 40+ years and know that people of his talent and character are rare. Thanks again to Steve and BluSky for providing excellent service during mitigation.

    Glen W. Ocean Glen Condominiums
  • It has been a pleasure to work with BluSky over the past several years when we have experienced a major restoration claim from fire, flood or storm damage. In the past five years, we have worked with your firm on several large restoration projects at our various apartment communities. Your project managers have always worked well with us and our insurance claims adjusters to ensure we receive the best possible outcome for our claims. Your project crews are top notch and always provide a quality job. On several occasions, I personally inspected the work in progress and completed work and never had any complaints. Your weekly project progress updates via email are very helpful to ensure we are kept in the loop. In summary, BluSky has provided us with a turnkey project management solution which allows our property managers to focus on our core business. I highly recommend your firm for any large-scale restoration project. Greg Smart Chesterfield, MO

    Greg S. Professional Equities, Inc. Executive VP & COO
  • I think the motto for your company should be: WE COME WE CONQUER WE COMPLETE Those three statements sum up the impeccable services that you provided for me again at The Plaza in Clayton. As my previous letter in June 2017 ended, it wasn’t a matter of if, but when, something like this would occur again. As it happened, another water crisis happened December 17, 2018. The water mitigation staff were here in a blink of an eye, jumping into action to take care of a massive leak that occurred on the 13th floor affecting four units. After that crisis was handled, Greg McDole jumped into action getting pricing for everything; he does an excellent job! With the help of Pam, who seems to be able to fit a square peg in a round hole in packaging up and boxing things in the units and getting those perfectly back in place, Brennon completed putting these units back together. Brennon has just been the best to work with in both of my most crucial times in the building. Emotions are high and scheduling and timing are very tedious, but his personality meshes perfectly with me and communication with the residents is impeccable. In both instances he has been a trouper through it all, never getting rattled with me and sometimes my insanity, always working diligently in coming to a conclusion and making me and each resident happy with the end result. Hands down the best I have worked with in my 35 years of property management. I cannot stress enough to you, current and future clients the pleasurable experience working with everyone through some very difficult times. I just want to say THANKS AGAIN for all you and your staff do for us at The Plaza in Clayton. ~Dustin Coleman, Community Manager

    Dustin C. Community Manager, The Plaza in Clayton
  • On October 24th, 2018 there was a major fire at a community I manage in Fort Collins, Colorado. The fire started in a building that houses 10 units and originated in unit #7, in the middle of the build. I had heard around the office that when you have a large loss such as this, BluSky is the company to call. I followed this advice and have not been disappointed.

    On the morning of the fire, I called the general office number and spoke with the receptionist. After giving her very brief information on the situation she immediately contacted Vice President Martin Newby and Project Manager Bill Schmidt. After I hung up the phone, I left the office to head back out to the community. I found Martin and Bill had already arrived, hard hats on and speaking with the fire department and police.

    I found this to be extremely impressive as I was not left alone to deal with a large situation that I was not very familiar with. Both Bill and Martin approached me like they had known me for years. Quick introductions were made and I was advised by them on what they had already learned, what the next initial steps would be and was given business cards with complete contact information.

    I was assured by them that despite the crazy situation that was unfolding, they had things under control and would be in touch later that day with first response details. Relief is an understatement of how I felt after speaking with these two gentlemen. I knew this community was in good hands.

    Since the day of the fire, I get updates and am copied on emails to insurance companies, owners and others on the progress of the cleanup, demolition and reconstruction. Project Director Ben Hollingsworth has been a consistent source of information and assistance since he got involved in this long, confusing and difficult process. Both Ben and Martin have taken the reins on owner contacts, insurance contacts and many other responsibilities. This has allowed me to continue managing my other properties uninterrupted, and only answer general questions as we move forward.

    Each and every Friday I receive a detailed email on the accomplishments from the week prior and a list of planned projects for the coming days. This information allows me to answer phone calls from concerned owners on the progress and details of the renovation. These guys make me and the company I work for look very good. In a small city like Fort Collins, this can be a catalyst for growing the business and securing additional communities to manage as word of how this tragic situation was handled by my company leaks to the other communities and businesses.

    As I have told Ben and Martin many times since we have become “business partners”, they are my guys moving forward with both large and small losses. I have used two other companies in the area and there is no way they could even come close to the level of service and knowledge the guys at BluSky have brought.

    Scott Williams, C.A.M., Realtor All Property Services, Inc.
  • We have thoroughly enjoyed our time working with Blusky Restoration Contractors after Hurricane Florence hit our area recently. We had several apartment communities experience extensive damages after this storm, and BluSky has been there since the beginning. They came in swiftly and their first objective was to prevent further damage to the properties. Since then, they have handled mitigation and begun the restoration and rebuilding process. They and their crews have handled things with professionalism and detailed care. If there is ever an issue with anything, they handle it quickly and efficiently.

    Blusky’s Branch Managers and Project Managers have been honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. They work well with insurance companies, and they have proven to be problem solvers, who always address complex issues with strategy and confidence. They have worked closely with Owners and Wellington Advisors Regional Managers, Community Managers, Director of Maintenance and Service Managers onsite to communicate and ensure the projects are moving along smoothly. They respond quickly and professionally via email or phone when needed.

    Without a doubt, I confidently recommend BluSky Restoration Contractors if you need a restoration company.

    Brenda Leidholdt, Regional Community Manager Wellington Advisors
  • I have been working with Chris Condon, Ross Heath, and Danny Yarmon at BluSky for some time now. Although our projects have had varied scopes of work, when working with BluSky many things remain consistent: their great communication, ability to stay on budget and within the schedule, and ultimately, the final product. GREAT QUALITY WORK.

    BluSky prides themselves on their in-depth knowledge of each project including specs, plans, regulations, communication plan, daily/weekly progress updates, clean job-sites, and the final product. For these reasons, we continue to use BluSky where possible.

    BluSky has completed multiple abatement, remediation, and demolition projects for Olgoonik in the past and is currently working on others at the United Air Force Academy and Fort Carson AFB in Colorado Springs, CO. I would recommend BluSky for any complex abatement, remediation and demolition projects in the future.

    Tom Kipsen Olgoonik Diversified Services, LLC
  • I am writing this letter to recommend the services of BluSky, Phoenix. Over the past 6 months our company, HOAMCO, has been working with BluSky, Phoenix on numerous projects. The company offers high quality, prompt services and exceptional communication.

    Personally, working with Jackson Marroquin more than once on various occasions, he established a record of being dependable, well organized and showed no hesitation in explaining work completed or to be performed. From Project Directors and Managers to Business Development Managers, I have received the same consistent customer service and assurance that the job is in good hands.

    I would strongly recommend the services of BluSky, Phoenix and look forward to working with them again in the near future.  

    Alison Maule Scottsdale East Homes c/o HOAMCO
  • Bergeman Group is a construction management firm who represents Condominium Associations for various projects – re-piping, roofing, waterproofing, concrete and other capital improvements. We have been associated with the team at BluSky for a little more than one year.

    Most recently, BluSky completed destructive testing in several occupied condominium units on a project in Denver. The scope of work involved mini-containments to remove asbestos-containing drywall, multiple water shut-downs coordinated with building management, removal of approximately 14 pipe samples and replacement of drywall texture and paint to the pre-existing condition.

    Ross Heath and John Tripp ran this project and completed the work on time and in a very professional manner.

    All the pipe samples were removed within the water shut-down periods without any extension of time. Although work like this can be inconvenient, the BluSky team did a flawless job with minimal disruption to the residents.

    BluSky understands our needs and the additional planning required to complete work in occupied units.

    Bergeman Group will definitely continue to work with BluSky on future projects.

    Feel free to contact me with any further questions.  

    Mark Mihailoff, Project Manager Bergeman Group
  • It is our pleasure, as a Colorado-based environmental consulting company, to have the opportunity to work with BluSky Restoration as they continue to expand their services nationwide.

    Quality communication and workmanship are always required when providing services for fires, floods, natural disasters and other potentially environmental hazardous projects. BluSky has shown excellence in all of these areas, not only today but over many years of construction services. They have shown they are able to complete customer and project needs with care and timeliness.

    When working with asbestos and other regulated construction contaminants it is necessary to keep the public aware of all the environmental aspects regarding health and safety regulations.

    As BluSky grows nationally, Enviocore and BluSky will work together as a team to make sure all aspects of the environmental processes and regulations are covered to the standards mandated by local, state, and federal laws.

    Enviocore is willing to provide training and instruction for upcoming projects where Environmental concerns and procedures are required. BluSky on a local level are known for their ability to adapt to any project requirement to ensure all entrinsik project needs are meet.

    Each individual environmental project should be treated individually as protocol demands. It is Enviocore’s pleasure to recommend BluSky as a top rated construction service company that can provide services nationwide.

    Chad Moore, Owner EnvioCore LLC, Environmental Inspections
  • I want to let BluSky know how much we appreciated your quick, efficient, and thorough service during our water/flood event on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro several months ago. Your team was “johnny-on-the-spot” after my call, and a fleet of trucks and drying equipment arrived at the location within 20 minutes of my call. Our tenants were extremely pleased at the prompt response from your company. Your professionalism and courtesy were outstanding.

    During the work I was provided a report each day detailing the work and also a phone call from Gary Fennie to see if I had any concerns. The whole project, start to finish, was stress-free and BluSky was a pleasure to work with. I will highly recommend BluSky Restoration Contractors to any client, business associate, or person in need of water remediation.

    Thank you again,

    Scott Kutos, Property Manager Brown Investment Properties
  • The team at Fountain Palms has had the privilege of working side by side with BluSky Restoration Contractors for the past two years. BluSky has completed several scopes of work including water remediation and restoration, and roofing repairs. With every project completed, the team has delivered above and beyond service and satisfaction to meet all of our expectations. Laura Sedivy has been an amazing communicator and we have cherished working with her through the years. Laura never ceases to astonish me with all she does, especially her work and giving back to the community.

    We have also had the honor of working with Jeremy Aikey. He too has been amazing with follow-up and delivering finished projects in a timely manner. We truly appreciate all the team has done for our community and our office, and look forward to future projects and events. It is beyond remarkable to be able to team up with such a great company who is just as passionate about their work, friendships, and community as we are! Thank you again BluSky for all you do!


    Elizabeth Bovee, Fountain Palms Property Manager Avenue5 Residential
  • It is every property manager’s worst nightmare to hear the word “fire.” It doesn’t matter how big or small a fire might be – it is terrifying. The Village at Lionstone Apartments had a 4-alarm fire on June 10, 2018. There were 24 homes impacted by this catastrophe. Twelve units were a total loss. I did not have a moment’s hesitation as to who I wanted by my side to assist us in the process of putting the pieces back together. I immediately called BluSky Restoration Contractors and suggested to our owners that they were the best business for the job of handling the tear-down and rebuild of the units. I cannot stress enough how prompt and professional Bryan Jeffords, Matt Duguid, and Diana Davis have always been when we call them for both regular maintenance/construction bids and for emergency services. You never feel like you are simply a “job” to them. You are made to feel that you are THE most important job that they have going. While we always hope there aren’t emergencies that require restoration contractors to be necessary, at least when the inevitable happens I know who my first call will be to – BluSky Restoration Contractors and their amazing Colorado Springs team! Sincerely,

    Leslie James, Community Manager The Village at Lionstone
  • I wanted to share with you a recent experience one of my Community Managers had with your Colorado Springs emergency response team. Charla had nothing but good things to share regarding the remediation process and professionalism of your team.

    One of our multi-family residential locations experienced three frozen and burst pipes. Our Service Supervisor was on the scene and working hard to stop the flow of water and move personal belongings to prevent damage. Your team arrived and jumped right into action. They provided support to our Service Supervisor and started mitigation. Charla had this to share, “I wanted you to know that we had an emergency (x3) at my property last night. Your company (BluSky) was the first to respond. They handled remediation like a pro. They were back the very next morning to follow up on the work completed and returned later in the day to communicate status and timeline expectations.”

    I truly appreciate the working relationship with BluSky. I know we can count on you to show up, do great work, and get the job done right!  

    Tina Luck, CAM, Senior Regional Property Manager Greystar, Colorado Springs, CO
  • I am writing to relay my profound gratitude that BluSky continues to be my singular “Go-To” contractor for property issues of varying magnitude over the years – but especially as we approach the one-year anniversary of the million-dollar water loss at Mountain Shadows Professional Center, 5731 Silverstone Terrace in Colorado Springs.

    This building was devastated by a second-floor freeze burst that occurred at the start of the long Christmas Holiday weekend and went undetected for two days. Multiple suites on the floor where the breakage occurred, and multiple suites below them, were literally destroyed by the ensuing flooding.

    BluSky mobilized a militia on the night of Christmas Eve, and that militia virtually lived at this property for the next three-to-four months, mitigating the flooding and reconstructing the spaces in phases that allowed these medical tenants to reenter their suites and resume business operations on a limited scale pending final reconstruction. BluSky dealt calmly and professionally with the understandably agitated medical professionals whose livelihoods were threatened, and in many instances went well beyond any reasonable scope to accommodate their special requests. Likewise, they supported me as the building manager and collaborated with the insurance adjustors and miscellaneous engineers deployed by the carrier throughout the investigation, mitigation and reconstruction process.

    Special thanks to Project Manager Jeff Rager for his unflagging responsiveness and going above and beyond to pacify these traumatized tenants (and their property manager); to BluSky’s “back office” and accounting teams for their helpfulness and profound patience in the claim settlement and payment process, and to you, for your warmth, expertise, and involvement in our local property management professional associations.  

    Liz Seeger, RPA, LEED® AP, Senior Portfolio Manager Griffis Blessing Commercial Services Division
  • I just received the certificate of completion from you guys today as well as the final sign off from Cobb County on the job BluSky recently completed for us in Kennesaw. I wanted to take a moment out to write to you and express my pleasure in the process. From my initial introduction to Dan, yourself and Sharon last fall, I have always been impressed with the professionalism that BluSky has embodied and the level of customer service we receive. This latest job was no exception. The job was completed on-time, clean and with as little disruption to tenant life as possible.
    Chad did a great job of inspecting the roofs to evaluate current condition and make sure we knew the costs of any potential change orders prior to us accepting your bid and sending the job to contract. Chad also made sure he was available at every step of the process including expediting the contract process so we could get the projected started on our timeline. He was available as well when we had questions and scheduling changes during construction.
    Bryan did a fantastic job of communicating with our Construction Manager, as well as the Property Manager on site so that we could notify tenants prior to us starting the buildings that they lived in. The weekly progress reports that he sent to my email were perfect and a nice touch. His communication with my on-site Construction Manager was almost daily, even when crews worked over the weekend.
    Sharon made sure to touch base directly with me a few times just to check in on my satisfaction, another nice customer service touch from your professional team. Her follow up is always quick and on-point.
    I am excited to continue the partnership with you, Sharon, Chad and your entire team as we get you started on the roofing jobs we have coming up in Tampa and Newnan as well as consideration for all future roofing jobs at RADCO.

    Mike DeSarno The RADCO Companies, Atlanta, Ga
  • We were happy to find a business partner with BluSky for our clubhouse renovation. They kept an immaculate schedule for completion coupled with precise communication and a mirror image of professionalism and customer service. Thank you, BluSky.

    Alyssa Jordan JVM Realty Corporation, Oak Brook, IL
  • BluSky is top notch! I’ve worked with BluSky on several restoration projects in four buildings and through my HOA. BluSky is quick to respond, quick to provide estimated costs, and quick to get the job done! Not only do they get it done, but they get it done right and communicate with the customer throughout the process. There is nothing better than trusting you’ll have a daily update to communicate to tenants! You hate to have to call your restoration company, but it’s always better knowing you’re calling the BluSky team and knowing that normalcy will be restored!

    Courtney Ziminski Jones Lang Lasalle Americas, Inc., Englewood, CO
  • I approached BluSky with an Environmental concern at our facility.
    BluSky arrived within three hours of the initial phone call.
    Project Manager Dave Fleck, along with Steve Warren, was assigned to the project and remained attached throughout the completion of the project, which extended over three weekends. There was constant communication, and the team at our facility to include Plant Operations, Infection Control, and Environmental Services were updated daily in regards to the process that was made.
    This was a very sensitive project that was handled thoroughly and in a very professional manner.
    If you are in the need for any Environmental concerns, I would definitely recommend BluSky, along with the team of Steve and Dave.

    Dawn Thomas Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, Denver, CO
  • This letter serves as a commendation for BluSky Contractors, and in particular program director Charlie Pappas, related to the performance of hail damage work at the Palomino Park residential community in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
    BluSky partnered with the Marx Okubo and JLL teams to plan and execute roofing work at a difficult time of year, November 2014 to January 2015. BluSky proved to be an invaluable partner in the manner with which they planned and executed the work. They worked with the City to permit work on over 180 structures, mobilized over 100 people to perform the work and completed the project on time, with minimal additional costs and minimal disruption to community residents. BluSky effected a very deliberate coordination process with property management, which was underpinned with constant, effective communication.
    The individual effort of Charlie Pappas was a significant factor in the success of this project. Charlie’s dedication to careful execution of the work was evident in the long hours he put in, his presence on the jobsite and his responsiveness to issues that arose.
    JLL truly appreciates everything BluSky did to ensure the satisfaction of the management and residents at Palomino Park. BluSky is at the top of our list of partners.

    Lynn Deegan JLL, Denver, CO
  • I would like to take this opportunity to extend the thanks of all Specialty Sports Venture (and VRI) management for the challenges your company BluSky, and more specifically yourself and Matt Sayre, accepted following the recent Boulder flood that devastated our retail location in September 2013.
    We were more than pleased with the great job and response from the entire BluSky organization following the much-unexpected flood that crippled the City of Boulder. As you know, we had other vendors contracted to aid our company in such situations, which failed miserably. And without hesitation, BluSky stepped in to help us through a very devastating situation.
    From your first appearance on site in your yellow boots with clip board in hand, our nerves were calmed by your professional and caring approach to the situation we all faced. It was both encouraging and somewhat exciting to see your restoration team which arrived within hours of the call out, and to watch them immediately begin removing carpets, water, mud, sewage, soiled inventory and fixtures from throughout our affected location. The technology including the humidity extractors, fans and moisture meters, as well as extensive structural inspections provided much confidence to the recovery and restoration efforts. We were very impressed to watch what every team member was doing and how quickly they all worked. This was not my first time to experience restoration as a result of a flood. I must say that BluSky did a much more thorough job than just about any previous company I worked with. As a Corporate Risk Management Professional, my concern was that our business would be restored to the detail that existed before the flood. We asked that our project be completed in record time prior to our critical Holiday selling season and BluSky made this happen! Your project and site managers Matt Sayre and Raul Pereida exceeded our expectations with focus, communication, and delivery. When Matt or Raul shook their heads in nodding agreement, I knew several times they were agreeing with optimism but nevertheless, these men “made things happen”! And this all occurred while the store remained partially opened, working around and through obstacles, in support of the Boulder community and residents who thanks us for “being there” for them.
    We were turn-key in 5 weeks to reopen as scheduled with minor punch list items. In fact, several employees were extremely pleased to see the rear areas of the location repaired to “better than before” conditions. Many thanks for the extra efforts.
    Again, above and beyond! Everyone involved did a superb job. I will highly recommend BluSky for any commercial restoration and remediation challenge and you have moved your company to #1 on our emergency call list for all Specialty Sports Venture (Vail Resorts Rental / Retail) future incidents. Thanks for “being there for SSV”!

    John Bocker Specialty Sports Venture, Vail Resorts, Broomfield, CO
  • We have been working with Eric Kongsli from BluSky on several different occasions and he is wonderful! He is in constant contact with me and my team and updates us daily. BluSky is very professional, efficient, and prompt. We would definitely recommend BluSky!

    Kim Sok Heritage Village Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
  • I am very pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for BluSky. I have had the pleasure of working with BluSky since their inception on projects of various size and scope with great success. Pie Consulting and Engineering (Pie) continues to work nationally with BluSky in the space of fixing broken buildings, whatever the cause may be.
    Much of what BluSky and Pie do can be complicated and involves dealing with occupied space and the associated impacts to the occupants. BluSky has the knack of simplifying the construction process and bringing a construction to successful completion. You can expect a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication and teamwork. Their commitment to quality and their understanding of the contractor’s role in a successful project makes them a great partner in arriving at solutions related to budget constraints while achieving the aesthetic and functional goals of the project.
    What I enjoy most about working with BluSky is that we share the same passion: the passion of making people’s buildings, and thus their lives to some extent, whole again. Pie would like to express our confidence in BluSky for rehabilitation construction projects. If you have questions regarding this letter of recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss.

    Matthew Blackmer Pie Consulting and Engineering, Arvada, CO
  • I want to thank you and your team for the quick response and mitigation of the water damage at our Aloft DIA. As you are well aware, it is critical to our business that we keep our operation going as seamlessly as possible for our guests when there is a disruption such as this. We could not do this without our valuable business partners such as BluSky. This incident was particularly sensitive due to the damage of several computer and electronic systems at the property.
    Elvis did a great job managing the job and communicating with our onsite and corporate teams.
    Additionally, Nate’s follow up with a few questions about the process was outstanding.
    While we never want to use a mitigation company, we understand that these situations are inevitable in our industry and it is important to know that we have a partner such as BluSky who we can call on 24/7/365. We look forward to working with you in the future.

    Matthew Friend Stonebridge Companies, Centennial, CO
  • We wanted to thank you and your BluSky staff for the excellent response times and work applicable to the Vail Resorts losses we are handling with you and all other claims losses we work with you on. Your BluSky office is always first on our list when we have the opportunity to provide restoration contractor recommendations to property owners for their claims needs. The property owners are always satisfied and your staff works well with our offices and consultants to finalize all issues. Following our 10+ year relationship with BluSky on a nationwide scale we can say your office is one of the best and we appreciate it.

    Michael Blaseg VeriClaim, Denver, CO
  • Our property experienced a large flood from a frozen fire sprinkler line that burst in
    December 2013 and impacted several independently owned residences. BluSky was helpful from the beginning to the end of the process. Their staff worked closely with management to get the facility dried out quickly so many of the units impacted could be back in operation within 7 business days.
    They worked directly with each owner that had experienced more significant damage and the property management team to make certain all of the owner’s private property was cared for and stored properly, if needed, while the restoration process was completed. The management team with BluSky also worked directly with each owner and each owner’s insurance company and the Association’s master policy to ensure their property was restored to pre-flood condition or better.
    BluSky was a partner throughout the entire process and was instrumental in restoring the building and the private residences.

    Michael Lange The Charter at Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek, CO
  • I have been a Community Association Manager for about three years now and 2014 presented many challenges for the Board and me, most of which involved insurance claims, particularly for a lifestyle community (55+ older) I manage. In the early spring of 2014 one unit was experiencing some drainage issues within the unit, where a possible break in a sewer line was brought to our attention. A notice of the insurance claim for damages was needed for the association, the homeowner, and the original builder. (This particular association’s original receiver had gone through bankruptcy and caused us to do some back-tracking to find out who we needed to involve in this process.) The units in this community have post tension concrete slabs which made this project to repair, and find the root cause of the problem, much more difficult to facilitate. A job of this nature would involve a lot of separate contractors, communication and organization to ensure everything was done correctly, and more importantly, safely. I was given several names of other companies, but was unable to find a contractor who could handle the entire project, until I came in contact with BluSky. Representatives from BluSky graciously met with me and the Board to go over their plans of this task and how they would handle the entire process from start to finish, including communication with the insurance adjustors. Their expertise and resources is an amazing tool to utilize during this process. Had the association been forced into a situation where multiple contractors would be needed, I am positive this endeavor would not have gone as smoothly.
    In addition to this, a major hail storm struck the community in late June of 2014 causing a lot of hail damage which would need repaired quickly. Among multiple other contractors considered, interviewed and other plans of actions considered, BluSky was, again, the most impressive and was awarded the project of repairing the community from this storm by the Board. Just as my experience earlier in the year, BluSky handled much of the project, exuded amazing communication with myself and the homeowners, and followed through with every request, question, or concern during the process.
    I cannot express enough how great of a company BluSky is and how I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing assistance with a major or even minor project. Their expertise, level of communication, and overall professionalism is truly astounding and they are and will be my ‘go-to’ contractor when I am faced with future projects. I am positive any other property manager will have the same positive experience with BluSky as I have had when faced with basic and complex tasks at hand.

    Stephanie Freier Associa, Lakewood, CO
  • These guys were very on time and efficient. I couldn't believe they got everything done in the same day. I appreciate the respect for my time and the courteousness.

    Kaysha S. Union City, Georgia
  • Derek was most professional and great to work with. He and Chris answered all of my questions during the process.

    Charlene N. Climax, North Carolina
  • Everyone went out of their way to take care of damages I had. I can’t say enough satisfied I am with the work done. Wonderful job!

    Susan M. Cumming, Georgia
  • Very pleased with overall work and product. The communication was extremely satisfactory and appreciated. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for future calls and/or repairs.

    Kyle B. Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Superior Job!! Good people and fast work.

    Eric H. Spring Lake, North Carolina
  • We were surprised and pleased with how well the cleanup went after things looked so bad just five days ago.

    Carl P. Shiloh Presbyterian Church, Burlington, North Carolina
  • Teams were courteous and kept us informed. Project took time to complete due to bad weather. We appreciate everyone’s professionalism.

    Sean S. Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Great team, great service – there for us in our time of need – would always recommend!

    Matt M. AAA Carolinas, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Great job, totally satisfied with services provided.

    Cassandra C. Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am about your response (quick) and also to let you know I am very pleased with the job that Glenn and helper did on my roof. Again let me express my appreciation for a job well done. I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

    Bill S. Kernersville, South Carolina
  • We have had a Nationwide homeowners policy since the 1960s and have, thankfully, not had to make a claim until recently. We have always heard horror stories about the claims process from many insurance companies. A few weeks ago, we contacted our agent concerning hail damage to our roof. He was very accommodating when we talked with him. An agent from Greensboro, NC, was at our house in two days to check the roof. The young man, Noe Salas, was also very courteous and professional. In a few days a claims associate from Nationwide called to inform us that the claim had been approved for the total replacement of the roof. The roof was replaced on April 21, 2017. It was very obvious from the manner in which they unloaded the shingles and equipment and proceeded to get to work that this group knew what they were doing. The job was completed and the site was cleaned up. We are writing this letter because we feel that each of these people should be recognized for the outstanding manner in which they performed their duties. Our claim story is very positive and satisfactory.

    Jesse Greensboro, North Carolina
  • One of my insureds had a water claim and their insurance carrier assigned a disaster company to take care of her. The disaster company had so many claims that they could not give her the proper attention she needed. They had started the process of cutting the walls out, taking baseboards up, and setting up fans to dry her out. Then they just left her there for weeks, always promising to come back and send a crew to start packing her out. They never came. The carrier fired this disaster company. I started calling to try and find another disaster company to take over where this company left off. I was turned down by other companies; they did not want to get into a messy situation, trying to figure out what the other company had done. I called Ron Johnson in your Greensboro office and he said, "Sure we will help." He sent someone over that day to inspect the damage and to scope out what needed to be done.  After that was done they went into action packing out my insured, helping her get moved out, and being there when they said they would be there. Ron and his crew saved the day for my insured; they took on a job when no one else wanted to touch it.  They kept me advised on their progress and when I would be able to get my insured back into her home.

    Sandy Insurance Agent, Greensboro, North Carolina
  • I would be remiss if I did not take the time to express my praise of the way Janice handled my kitchen project. When we first met, I knew I was dealing with a very knowledgeable, competent and caring person. I could not have asked for anyone who could have done a better job. There was never a time that I contacted her as to a worry or concern of mine that she did not respond quickly. She was always able, through her experience and expertise, put my mind at ease. And, this was always done with patience and truly caring about my level of stress. Having never gone through a situation like this before, her understanding was greatly appreciated. Being a business owner myself, I am well aware of the importance of how an employee represents my firm -- the impression they leave with the customer/client defines the values and reputation that we stand for. And, in this regard, I have to say how very fortunate you are in having someone of Janice's caliber representing you!

    Patricia M. St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Over the Memorial Day holiday, my family and I experienced a very traumatic event when our kitchen caught on fire. My wife and I were very devastated, and had no clue where to begin to clean up all the debris left from the fire. We called our insurance company, who suggested we call a few companies to come out and give us an estimate to fix all the damages from the fire. When you are in a state of shock, it is difficult to bring realization of correct thought processes back to you mind. I called you. I applaud your company from the time the first call was made to closure. We experienced nothing but generosity, support, caring, compassion, friendliness, and knowledge. Your team was amazing. They came in to clean up the debris from the fire extinguisher that covered the entire house, which allowed us to stay in the house. They were right there to answer questions, and very easy to work with during this experience. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your team, and what they did for my family and me during this time. Angie came out on that Sunday to assess the situation. She was calm and reassuring. We appreciated her friendliness, and great knowledge. Daniel was more than helpful with my questions. He was friendly, and very understanding of our situation. I just wanted to acknowledge Daniel & Angela for doing a fantastic job.

    Barry Oak Ridge, North Carolina
  • My home insurance company put me in contact with your office regarding the storm damage to my home. Your staff member contacted me that day and was at my home to do an estimate within 48 hours of the claim, and had work scheduled to begin within the week. Your project coordinator Brittney has been a godsend. She helped me with forms and contacts and has made the process painless! She seems to genuinely like people and what she does. The roofing crew that came out was great. They worked steadily and were clean. My son said they left the place around the house in better shape than they found it! That is highly unusual these days. They came back and hung gutters in the rain! The paint crew left some stains and Brittney was all over it, sending the crew back out the next day to take care of it. You have people working with you who are looking out for the company but haven't lost their humanity. They are experts in customer care! It has been a pleasure working with you. I will recommend your company as often as the opportunity arises.

    Rhonda G. Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Major kitchen and plumbing emergencies are without a doubt the most inconvenient kind of house repair problems to deal with. We recently had both at once, but with the help of your company, everything was fixed as quickly and with as little disruption as possible. The groups sent over for repair were impressive. Everyone seemed to work together with specific responsibilities and under clear instructions. The finished jobs were clean and of good quality. An added bonus for us was the friendliness and courtesy. We were also very pleased with the task leaders, who were all surprisingly young, yet professional, experienced, and great managers. Overall, we were very happy with your team. Our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom were restored to working order with a minimum of hassle. We'd prefer not to have any more major house repair issues again, but if we do, we know who to call.

    Kathleen W. Raleigh, North Carolina
  • I had a fire at my apartment. It was something I thought would never happen to me so when it did, I was like a lost puppy. After the fire was out and my belongings were ruined and I did not know what to do, I spoke with Steven Pinter on your team. He was attentive to my needs - he had been here before. He helped walk me through what his company could do for me. They were on it quick. He and his crew, Paul Whipple, April Miller and carpenters removed water and rugs. They packed up some 30 boxes of what I had left. Not one thing was broken when they moved it to my new apartment. Paul Whipple supervised the move, April Miller took pictures and recorded everything. I also had car problems that day (was a tough 48 hours). Steven even offered to drive me to take care of banking, insurance, and just personal things that had to be done. I doubt that's in his job description. His carpenters patched the hole in my apartment and the crew brought in machines to dry up the water. Paul barked the orders (in a professional way) and April recorded it all. They kept things moving; they are a great team. When you get help like this, when your life just turned into a train wreck, it's very humbling to see real humanity in action. Steven Pinter and his team are the ones to hire. If I needed to contact Steven or Paul and April they answered or returned my calls promptly. They kept everything going smoothly - the trucks, equipment, and carpenters - all the stuff you don't want to deal with when stuff like this happens. I run my own small house painting business, so I know how hard it is to hire people that care about your reputation, showing for work each day, and on time working hard even when you're having a bad day. These are actions that prove to your customers you really do care, running a job site like you're the best. Employees like this aren't easy to find. Even though I never get used to it, I have fired many people who show up for a check, not expanding my company. Steven Pinter, Paul Whipple, and April Miller are first class employees! Thanks for everything.

    Mike M. Greensboro, North Carolina