Tornado Watch: Safety Tips

A tornado watch was issued for all of the metro Atlanta and north Georgia area just after 5:30am Monday. A watch means that isolated tornadoes are possible. Please take necessary precautions as storms are capable of damaging winds, hail, tremendous downpours and lightning.
Know the signs of a tornado:
  • Strong, persistnet rotation in the cloud base.
  • Whirling dust or debris on the ground under a cloud base. Tornadoes sometimes have not funnel!
  • Hail or heavy rain following either dead calm or a fast, intense, wind shift.
  • Day or night – Loud, continous roar or rumble, which doesn’t fade in a few seconds like thunder.
  • Night – small, bright blue-green to white flashes at ground level near a thunderstorm. These mean power lines are being snapped by very strong wind, maybe a tornado.
  • Night – Persistent lowering from the cloud base, illuninated or silhouetted by lightning – especially if it is on the ground or there is a blue-green-white power flash underneath.

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